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Talking to others can really help

Sometimes it can be really helpful to talk to other people who are in the same situation as you are, people who are experiencing the same things, and feeling the same emotions. Because it is not always possible to find such people in your immediate surroundings, we offer "virtual" groups.

When you register, you will be asked a couple of questions which will help the facilitator to put you into the right group. Broadly, if you are a mom-to-be, you will be put with other girls who are expecting their baby at about the same time as you. If you are a father-to-be, or are otherwise concerned with a baby, you will be placed in suitable groups.

What happens in your group is strictly confidential, and must remain within your group. It is entirely up to you what you choose to share, but generally the more open you are, the more you will benefit from your membership of a group.

The only person outside of your group who will have access to your conversations is the group facilitator. This facilitator is a trained LifeLine counsellor, and is there just to keep an eye on things. The facilitator will not play an active role in what goes on in your group, but will intervene where incorrect information has been given, or where the tone of the conversation is felt to be unhelpful. The facilitator will also get involved if the group rules are broken. But remember, this is your group, and you should feel free to let the other people in your group know if something is making you feel unhappy.

Want to be part of a group? Then register now and within twenty-four hours a facilitator will have been in touch with you and will introduce you to your new group.


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